Ahmet Rasim Paşa Yalısı, Çubuklu Cad. No: 27 Kanlıca

İstinye İDO İskelesinden her 15 dakikada bir tekne ile otele kolaylıkla ulaşabilir aynı şekilde gecenin sonunda da dönüş yapabilirsiniz.


Ahmet Rasim Pasha was born in 1826, lived in the years of Abdulaziz and Abdulhamid’s regency, been in governership of Yanya, Tuna, Trabzon, Aydın, was appointed as Istanbul Sehremini’s mayor, police chief in 1878. And then he has been the governor of Bursa. Finally, he was sent to governorship of Tripoli (Libya). He continued doing this duty for 13 years and died in 1897.


If you make a trip from north to south on Kanlica shoreline, the waterside mansions start with Ahmet Rasim Pasha Waterside Mansion. It is said that the first building was bigger but when it was burnt completely in 1897, it was built as half of the previous size. When Pasha died in 1897, his family had sold the mansion to the municipality and been used as a school until 1970.

The building’s style is “Empir” (wooden structure, the mansion is seen 3 floors from the sea and 2 floors from the land). In this building we see a style that looks foreign from the Bosphorus architecture. It is the application of Empiric style fashion which hasn’t last for long in Europe, on Turkish architecture. Because of that it is thought that the building was made by one of the Balyan family’s foremen. The style that is applied here is neither a complete European empir nor a Turkish empir.


When you turn from Kanlica to Cubuklu, this building is seen on the foreland and it has been the Bosphorus’ structure symbol for a long time.

The mansion was divided into two parts called haremlik and selamlik and you could have entered into the haremlik or selamlik by two seperate doors.

After the 1917 Russian Revolution, a part of Vrangs (White Russians) who were escaped from there had settled down in the mansion. Ahmet Rasim Pasha died when he was Tripoli's governor and the building was used as a school until 1970. The students, who used to come here for the primary school, visit Ajia and they share their old photograghs and memories each other.